Veiw the schedule online or download the PDF; Festival 2017 Schedule
(£) = on the door prices


Teignmouth Community School Band
4.00-5.00pm at Teign Heritage Centre (F)

4.00-5.00pm at Teignmouth Social Club (Entry by donation)

Sons of the Delta
5.00-7.00pm at the Bronx Bar (£10)

Men Behaving Tradly 
6.00-8.00pm at Teignmouth Social Club (£10)

Matt Carter Quartet feat. Leigh Coleman
7.00-9.00pm at Teign Heritage Centre (£10)

Devon Youth Jazz Orchestra with Dave O’Higgins
8.00-10.00pm at Pavilions Teignmouth (£10)

The Blow Up
8.45-10.45pm at Teignmouth Social Club (£10)

Eddie Martin Blue Trio
9.00-11.00pm at the Bronx Bar (£10)


Ronnie Jones Quartet
1.00-2.00pm in The Bronx Bar (£7)

Josh Kemp Organ Quartet
12.30-2.30 at the Teign Heritage Centre (£10)

Ben Crosland Quintet – The Ray Davies Songbook
1.30-3.30 in Pavilions Teignmouth (£15)

The Schmoozenbergs
2.15-4.15pm in Teignmouth Social Club (£10)

Neil Burns Organ Trio feat. Martin Dale
2.30-4.30pm at The Bronx Bar (£10)

Ben Lee Quartet
3.30-5.30pm in Teign Heritage Centre (£10)

Jason Rebello Solo Piano Concert
4.30-6.30pm in Pavilions Teignmouth (£15)

Jake Leg Jug Band
5.00-7.00pm in Teignmouth Social Club (£10)

6.00-8.00pm at The Bronx Bar (£10)

Dave O’Higgins Quartet
7.00-9.00pm in the Teign Heritage Centre (£10)

Neil Maya Quartet – The Brubeck Project
8.00-10.00pm in Teignmouth Social Club (£10)

Jack J Hutchinson
9.00-11.00pm at The Bronx Bar (£10)

The Zappatistas – John Etheridge
9.00-11.00 in Pavilions Teignmouth (£15)

Late Night with Prita Grealy
11pm-12.30am The View Cafe, Pavilions Teignmouth (F)


Tom Unwins Workshop Band
10.30-12noon in Pavilions Teignmouth
Free entry but donations welcome

Michael Isaac Band
12noon-2.00pm at The Bronx Bar (£10)

Kevin Grenfell Simon Banks Duo
1.00-3.00pm in Teignmouth Social Club (£10)

Sam Massey Ensemble
2.00-4.00pm at Pavilions Teignmouth (£15)

John Crampton Blues
3.00-5.00pm at The Bronx Bar (£10)

Louise Parker Jazz Funk Band
4.00-6.00pm in Teignmouth Social Club (£10)

Dave Jones Quartet
5.00-7.00pm in Pavilions Teignmouth (£10)

Jade Gall Quintet
6.00-8.00 at The Bronx Bar (£10)

RAY (Rob & Yvonne)
7.00-9.00pm in Teignmouth Social Club (£10)

Alan Barnes Bruce Adams
8.30-10.30pm at Pavilions Teignmouth (£15)

Robin Brown  and The Band of Coyotes
9.00-11.00pm at The Bronx Bar (£10)