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Thursday 14th September - Jazz Gig - Gilad Atzmon OHE - a tribute to John Coltrane

Weds 4th October - Jazz Gig - Roger Beaujolais (vibraphone)



We are very excited to be able to tell you that our next gig is

Gilad Atzmon

Orient House Ensemble

Thursday 14th September 8pm at The Bronx

GiladAtzmon SpiritOfTrane 300  ohe2

The Spirit of Trane

Gilad Atzmon & the OHE

Dear Listener,

When I picked up the saxophone at the age of seventeen, it was Trane who inspired me to make the tenor my first instrument.  Years later, when I moved to London it was Ryanair and EasyJet that made it impossible for me to travel with my tenor.  It really was the budget airlines that made me into an alto saxophoist.  Before the recording of this tribute album I decided to get the tenor out of the closet.  Marking fifty years without John Coltrane, The Spirit of Trane is our attempt to reflect upon the beauty of the man's music.  John Coltrane was the most influential tenor saxophonist in jazz history.  Whether it is his patented sheets of sound, his rapid-fire improvisations, the advanced harmonic progressions, the sonic impact of the best jazz quartet ever or his lush interpretations of the most beautiful ballads, no aspiring music lover can afford to neglect the music of Trane.  But Coltrane is far greater than the sum of his outstanding musical achievements, he was a voice of a generation, an artistic revolutionary spirit, a man who transformed anger into love and plight into a humanist message.  Coltrane is for us, jazz at its best; an authentic creative wave of constant transformation and innovation.  Trane is for us, first and foremost, a spirit.

I hope you enjoy this musical journey,


Doors open at 7.30pm

£10/£8 Members/£5 Students and U18s with ID

Accompanied U14s Free



Past Gig Nights

February 17 - Giles Robson Blues Band - Thanks Giles, an exciting night

March 15th - Skedaddle - What a fun night, thanks Skedaddle.

April 5th - Annika Skoogh Quartet - Jazz at its best! Some of the South Wests finest musicians

May 11th - Ben & Sy's Stompin Blues - Great night had by all :)

June 29th - Thanks MILON :) We've had some great feed back

July 20th - Martin Dale with the Craig Milverton Trio - Wow, what a night!  Thanks guys.

Aug 10th - Adam Sweet & Band - Thanks Adam for a fantastic night of blues.




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