We are extremely grateful to all of our wonderful sponsors, without them there would be no Teignmouth Jazz & Blues Festival!

Our main sponsor is, as always, Teignmouth Town Council
Our sincere thanks to them for their continued support and generous contribution.

Our thanks also goes to:
Councillor Sylvia Russell for her great support and generous contribution
Ken Wheeler for producing our trailer
Darren Day for designing our festival poster
Laura McHugh for designing the banner graphics
Andrea Vicari and London Jazz FM presenters for the donation of competition prizes
The Giant Deckchair Company
Exeter Brewery for the loan of a bar for the Heritage Centre

Thank You to the following businesses that have sponsored a band:

Bronx Bar & Cue                Gilad Atzmon & the OHE
Mannor Garage                   Sons of the Delta
Dicey Reilly’s                        Kyla Brox
Regent Style                         Martin Dale Quartet
Teign Music                          Al Swainger Quartet
Exeter Brewery                      Julian Piper Blues Gig

Please click on the business names to find out more about them