Teignmouth Jazz
Committed to your privacy
As a membership charity your trust in us is vital and with changes in data protection legislation coming into force on 25th May 2018 (GDPR- General Data Protection Regulations) we would like you to be aware of and agree with how we collect, store and handle your personal data.

Who we collect data from:
The data we hold relates to (A), our members and our audiences and (B), suppliers such as performers and service providers and venues.  We may also hold data on other organisations and individuals who we have correspondence with, such as local authorities or sponsors.  With regards our members and audiences, we usually keep our information minimal (e.g. name and contact details), but other data may be collected with regards direct correspondence or from online ticket sales.  With suppliers and corporate organisations we may keep information on our business transactions.

Why we collect your data:
For our members and audiences (Group A) our aim is primarily to communicate and inform you of our activities and events as well as maintain our membership.  On occasion we may pass on to you news of other events and activities that may appeal to you.  Communication will normally be via email sent using a service provider such as MailChimp.  With Group B we may hold your data for ease of communication.

How we collect your data:
Core membership data is collected from membership application forms.  Audience data is only collected from online ticket sales if the buyer consents to this.  On occasion we may collect anonymised data through surveys of the audience or members.
Data about Group B is gathered from personal contacts and the public domain.  On initial contact permission is sought to store data.
Whatever the source and content, we will treat your data with the utmost care and effectively store and protect it.

When we will share your data:
We do not share your data with anyone.  On rare occasions we may have a request for our data such as a band member contacting us to send information to a member who has requested it.  In such cases we would act as an intermediary and contact that person and pass the details of the enquirer to them.
With Group B we do not share our collective data.  We will however, on occasion, provide minimal contact details (when they are not in the public domain) with the permission of the individual or organisation, with the aim to promote business for them or manage customer relations.

How we store your data:
As a small membership charity with volunteer trustees, we aim to protect your data as securely as possible within our means.
Data is stored on personal computers, laptops or tablets of authorised officers (Chair, Treasurer and Secretary) which are normally kept at their homes under normal domestic security and backed up regularly.  On occasion there may be a need to transport the hardware to another location, in which case utmost care will be taken in securing.  The hardware is kept secure by passwords.
Data is usually only handled by Trustees but occasionally such as a ‘mail out’ volunteers may have sight of contact data but will be briefed on their responsibilities of care and security.

Know your rights:
Our policy aims to serve your interest within the General Data Protection Regulation (25th May 2018).   If you would like further information or comment about our policy please contact us.  If you wish to make a complaint or seek further information on the legislation then please contact the ICO (https://ico.org.uk/).